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Google AdWords | Setup Only

Google Ads are small phrase ads that are seen at the top of the Google search results page. If you’re currently advertising with Google AdWords are your ads showing up? If you see your competitors when you search for similar products and services it means you’re not using the correct keywords and service pages.

Let our experienced team step in and create keyword rich ads that are interesting and relevant to your business. We will target your market and get your name out there!


  • Ad copy
  • Creatives*
  • Domain Verification
  • Targeting Setup (provided by the client)
  • Pixel Installation
  • Set Up Fee is non-refundable
  • One offer
  • Ongoing Management not Included

Price: $1150 USD

Sample Work


When you’re a real estate company you want to make sure your ads are showing up when people search for homes, apartments or condos in your area.

For this client, we created a tailored ad specific to the area and amenities they provide as well as unique features about the property to make the space even more desirable.

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