HL Integrators SMM Basic

SMM Basic | Done-For-You

Looking to stay relevant with interesting content on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn?

Let our team post once a week on the social media platform of your choosing with interactive and engaging content.

This means that you’ll still have the opportunity to post the other days of the week but with peace of mind that you’ll be consistently posting every week with content that will be sure to interest your followers and increase your likes!

  • 1 Post per Week
  • Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Stock imagery in your niche (unless original images are provided)
  • 3-month commitment

Your Price $400 /month

Sample Work

SMM Basic

This client wanted to stand out from the competition with powerful and unique social media templates.

We designed a bold logo, profile picture, cover photos and social media brand kit that is able to modified across all social media platforms.

This created a cohesive and unified look that viewers were sure to remember when they switched between social platforms.

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