HL Integrators Website Without Copy

Website Basic | Without Copy

If you have a website but you’re not happy with the layout or style, we can create a stunning and immersive website that will wow your current and potential clients.

With Website Basic all you have to do is fill in the content! This is a great option if you currently have content for your website but the layout and design needs a total overhaul.

You’ll be able to review and have 2 rounds of edits before we start development and then you’ll have access to your site to fill in the rest!

  • Standard website (up to 5 pages)
  • Does NOT Include Copy
  • Tailored Design and Development
  • Delivery Model: Done-For-You

Price: $1150

Sample Work

Website Basic | Without Copy

When building out and developing this website we wanted to create an immersive layout that brought the med spa atmosphere right to the page.

We used sensation photos, a calming color palette and luxurious additions to entice future clients!

Since this was a Basic, the clients filled in the blanks and used their knowledge, experience and old website to write the content.

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